Oh God. So Many man, so many. Like it's pretty embarrassing how often this happens to me with shows, games or movies. For example (please don't kill me): Mass Effect 3, Finishing Dragon Age Inquisition, playing Transistor even though I have it, Like half of the Vita games I own, Watching True Detective, Breaking… » 2/23/15 9:25pm Monday 9:25pm

Fabulous Game Dev Blog 2! 

So in a total rarity for me, I'm actually posting on a weekly basis?! Anywho, the game development marches on this week. I've spent the last couple of days working on a quick prototype of what an interface for the game might look like, and yes, the sprites I'm using here are not my own, but the map sprites from Fire… » 2/17/15 5:24pm 2/17/15 5:24pm

I usually eat right after my workout in the mornings, if I don't I get super cranky! I make a huge tray of egg beater frittata (mmm turkey bacon and veggies :3 ) on Sundays and cut them into squares so that I can just grab one out of the fridge during the week. If I had a really heavy workout, I'll throw in a almond… » 1/28/15 12:14pm 1/28/15 12:14pm

Fabulous Fyst's Trainime Winter Season Impressions Part 3

Well, well here we are at the last set of impressions for the season. I mean, there'll be a few straggler shows here and there, Isuca, I'm looking at you >.> But, I'll have covered the vast majority of non-sequel non-spin-off shows for the season here. If you have any shows that you'd directly like to ask me to do… » 1/19/15 12:35pm 1/19/15 12:35pm