Hey guys, Sylverfyst here with a review of my favorite comic of last week. Last week? you might be asking yourself, yup, I'm really late with this one. Sorry! Some really ridiculous events happen last week that ate up every ounce of my time, so I didn't get to write as much as I would have liked. Aaaanyways, comics, there weren't to many from the big two last week and while there were a few that I absolutely loved (looking at you Captain America #7 and Wolverine and the X-men #30), The Wake was the issue that grabbed me the most.

As a #1 issue it might have had a slight edge, because a good #1 is designed to pull in new readers and the excellent, snappy writing and absolutely brilliant art does just that. The Wake is a series that seems to span millennia although the time period focused on is the present. The idea of a mini-series also appeals to me, it doesn't demand to much of a monetary or time investment from me and allows for a definitive beginning, middle and end. Generational spanning stories also can be written much tighter because of the issue limitation. Snyder is one of my favorite writers in comics right now and his creator owned miniseries does not disappoint. The protagonist Lee Archer is a marine biologist, with a shady past, not fully explained to the reader. She's well developed right from the start and her troubled relationship with her son seems like it will be the emotional anchor to this series. She's immediately dragged into some government plan, but I won't spoil anything from there. Let's just say that the set-up for this mini-series has me thoroughly engaged and I'll be sticking around for the whole run.

Snyder's writing is fantastic, but the art of the series is what really drew me in. What comics did you guys enjoy last week? Any that you're looking forward to this week?