So this is going to be the longest post this feature is going to see because I want to explain what the Off-TAYpic is. It's a place to hang out in on TAYclassic that has no prompt to guide it. It's a very informal hangout, as always be respectful of others! (I don't think anyone will be a problem just figured I'd put it out there) I may be here to chat, I may not, it's just a place to hang out. Here's the format for Off-TAYpic going forward:

Hey, Welcome to Off-TAYpic, here's what we're about (A link to this post)

Hey look a wild picture appeared ^

Talk Amongst Yourselves

END format of Off-TAYpic

The random sentence in the middle there will be a exclamation about the picture and isn't a prompt it's just a witty one liner. So enough is enough: